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Wednesday, September 06, 2017
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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What an amazing couple i got to capture. I really enjoyed capturing their love for each other in this session and had to share their session and what they had to say about the session.  


Couples Boudoir Photoshoots are all about showing the intimacy between the two of you. As a couple, boudoir photographs of the two of you together depict the best of your relationship. Whether you’re looking for something sexy with a boudoir feel or a more classic clothed image for your living room wall, we will discuss exactly what you want beforehand so that together we can create beautiful photographs of you together.  These sessions are ideal as an ENGAGEMENT shoot, as a ANNIVERSARY GIFT or BIRTHDAY GIFT to each is just the perfect excuse to get under the covers together!


Remember images are shared with CLIENTS PERMISSION at all times...



I would recommend this couples boudoir shoot to any couple who want to connect and have a few photos captured. We cannot wait for our end result and to hang the photos and canvas in our home. The shoot is not just for the daring couples, I think even the most conservative couples will find that it is a lovely experience to share with your significant other.


How you felt before the shoot?

  •  My husband and I were both calm and relaxed before the shoot. Because of the pre-shoot session with Samantha we knew what to expect and we just wanted to enjoy the session. I think I was maybe a bit nervous because I was uncertain if my husband would really enjoy it but all of that disappeared very quickly as he was so comfortable.

How you felt after the shoot?

  •  After the shoot I was almost disappointed that it all came to an end! We had such a great time during the shoot!! But then the excitement started as we waited for the reveal session. The reveal session was spectacular. Samantha went to so much effort and we were in aw of the photos.

How you felt about arriving at the studio - the feel/atmosphere?

 The studio is so comfortable and it is such a relaxed atmosphere. We had some snacks and wine while we were busy with my hair and make-up and all of that made everything so cozy and comfy.


How i made you feel?


  • Samantha is the one that brings the calm and makes sure that you are 100% comfortable with the experience. She made us feel so welcome in her space. During the shoot we were laughing and chatting and she was just a pleasure to work with. She is prepared for the shoot and that makes everything so easy.

How did you find the Hair and makeup?

  • Hair and make-up was absolutely flawless and very professional. Would recommend Anchen to any lady looking for a hair and make-up artist. She is also a very pleasant person to connect with and chat to during the process.

Hair and makeup done by Anchen Crossland Hair, Makeup & Beauty

Would you do this again?

Anytime, anywhere, cannot wait to do it again :)

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