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Tuesday, December 05, 2017
By Samantha Jackson Photography
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I'm not young enough for that.

So  recently I talked about weight and how having to be thin to do a boudoir shoot is a common misconception. Today I’m going to talk about another common objection I hear from women. It usually goes something like this…


“I wish boudoir existed when I was younger!”
“Your photos are so cool! I wish I was 20 years younger so I could do some!”
“I’m too old for lingerie and all that nonsense.”
“These kinds of photos are for young women, not old women like me!”


So what can i say to all of the above well:

  • Ok, so you did'nt do it then...but do it now!

  • Why wait any longer!!!

  • 20 years younger...definitely not trust me i will make you look young again!

  • “No one is too old for lingerie. And you don’t have to wear lingerie for your shoot anyway.”

  • Well… my oldest client was 73 so you are never too old!


So let me start by saying there is NO age limit on boudoir. In fact, the only age restriction at all is that you must be 18 or over. I do shoot teen/tween beauty and fashion sessions but those are fully clothed and totally different than boudoir. There is a certain sensuality and confidence that comes only with age, and even though you may not be as toned or taut as you once were - it honestly couldn't matter less.



I will guide you through wardrobe selection and posing that will highlight your best assets and capture that firey spunk that has only gotten stronger with age!

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